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What is SMP?

SMP is short for Scalp Micropigmentation

How many Treatments will I need?

SMP should not be considered a 1 treatment process. You should expect between 3-5 sessions depending on your needs, these are usually spaced about 2 to 3 weeks apart.

How long do the results last?

Once your treatment is complete you should not need additional treatments for a number of years. However everyone is different so a top up may be required should the pigment fade.

How do I choose a Hairline?

If you are unsure of what style will suit you I'm here to help. I will work with you to design what will suit your shape, age and style. This is often a time consuming exercise BUT ensuring I have the right look for you early on is crucial.

If I have hair left, can I leave it long?

With density work (for thinning hair) the hair can be kept long however generally if the hair loss is significant we recommend a short crop. This technique looks great replicating a “Buzz Cut” or a full head of shaved hair.

Can SMP hide my scar?

Yes! by replicating the hair follicle we can blend the colour around the scar – this includes FUE/FUT scars, some types of scar such as keloid can not be treated however.

Can SMP work with grey or lighter hair tones?

When wearing a “Buzz Cut” the hair follicle appears dark, your hair tone will dictate the dilution of the pigment which is selected to match your hair.

If I have a lighter skintone will SMP still suit me?

Generally speaking most skin tones can benefit from SMP

Can I wear a hat after treatment?

Yes, you may be a little red for a couple of days

Do you charge for a Consultation?

No, I’d rather have an informal chat with you initially, for many, this is a really personal journey.

How do I find the right SMP provider for me?

You have to feel comfortable and trust your technician, ask questions, check out previous work and make sure the tech style suits you. Never feel pressured into making a decision!


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